Charlotte and I just got back from Kids Company‘s reception at Draper’s Hall – it was a truly moving and inspiring reminder of why we support the work they do with young people.

Alan Yentob reminded us that the scale of child poverty in London is vast, and that those young people who don’t feel cared for will become either institutionalised by the state or left to fend for themselves.

Sasha Handover, Music Co-ordinator at Kids Company, reminded us how an event like our 2012 charity gig can provide the spark of inspiration for others to get involved in the longer term.

Camila Batmanghelidjh reminded us that when, in the eighth wealthiest country on the planet, thousands of young children still queue for up to an hour for a square meal that they can’t get at home, we’ve got something very wrong.

And Doris, who was supported by Kids Company from the age of 15 when her mother fell ill, reminded us that we all deserve support from those around us – both close to us and from the wider community.