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‘Running horses’ mural for Stella McCartney, by Giles Miller Studio

Artist / designer:   Giles Miller Studio
Article author:   Ricky Thakrar
Published:   Thu, 27 Sep 2012

XETH co-founder, Ricky Thakrar, followed the creation of Giles Miller‘s four-metre high mural for Stella McCartney. A transcript of the interview is also available, beneath the video.

“I’m Giles Miller, I’m a designer, and I have a small studio that works on furniture, interior, and now surface projects.

We offer bespoke imagery on surfaces or walls for high end interiors, hotels, bars, restaurants. Now I’m moving into materials such as brass, etched brass, chrome, even fabric and ceramics.

A couple of years ago I was approached by Stella McCartney to produce a wall covering for their store in Paris. It was quite an exciting project, involving drawing one of her classic patterns – with horses running across the mural.

Recently, they’ve come back and asked for effectively the same product, and so we’re reliving that project. But this time it’s going to be a four-metre high mural, to be installed in Selfridges, in London.

I developed a technique which I call fluting. After the design process, we have a packaging company who produces and cuts these cardboard sheets into strips and they include loads of tiny little tabs, that effectively mark out the pattern we’re trying to create.

Once the small parts have been separated, they’re laid into the mural either with their corrugation flowing from left to right, or from right to left – and the direction that they’re stuck into the mural will denote the particular tone of that particular part of the image we’re trying to create.

There will be something in the region of eight thousand parts to this single mural, which does also add quite a lot of value to the piece
in terms of what’s gone into it.”

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