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Jack Tattersall introduces Timbergram

Artist / designer:   Timbergram
Article author:   Charlotte Bradford
Published:   Fri, 22 Jan 2016

Petr Krejci 01

Photgrapher: Petr Krejci

Timbergram was inspired by the original wooden postcards of the early 1900’s. Delightfully distinctive and stylish, their range of beautiful greetings cards cover all occasions and are designed and produced in the UK using sustainably sourced wood from forests in Eastern Europe. All their timber is FSC certified. 

XETH caught up with their Managing Director, Jack Tattersall, this week to find out more about the brand and what inspires him.

At what age did you start to take an interest in the field you work in and how did you get involved with Timbergram?

I have been interested in design since a very young age. We had a great Design & Technology department at my primary school, and I used to always enjoy the woodwork projects. I got involved with Timbergram through an internship with a web design company, that is owned by one of Timbergram’s directors. I started by doing small amounts of work for Timbergram and as it grew and got busier, my role grew.

What’s your proudest achievement so far with Timbergram?

This has been a big year for Timbergram. We have focused on international growth through our wholesale channels. We have been fantastically successful at trade shows in New York, San Francisco, Paris and Hong Kong. I’m pretty proud of the fact that Timbergrams are now travelling all over the world in the post and available to buy from shops in 4 continents.

Petr Krejci

Photographer: Petr Krejci

What’s the most challenging aspect of your work?

We are only a small team, and sometimes it gets really busy for us. Juggling tasks and keeping customers orders sent out on time is sometimes difficult, especially if we have a problem with machinery. Pairing this with constantly trying to innovate and bring out new products where we can, it’s a pretty busy atmosphere.

What are your top three favourite songs in the studio?

We love all types of music in the studio. Three favourites are Danger Zone by Kenny Loggins, Backstreet Freestyle by Kendrick Lamar and Ignition Remix by R Kelly.

What is your favourite London venue and why?

I like the Roadhouse in Covent Garden. It’s a great place from happy hour to dinner and then for live music too. 

Name three creatives who have inspired Timbergram over the past 10 years?

Rather than inspired Timbergram more inspired us – graffiti artist DXTR , Charlie Hamilton James and Mark Parker.

Have you got any exciting projects coming up in the near future?

We have! We are currently launching a new sister site to sell many other wooden products, The Store by Timbergram. These will range from clocks to bedroom door signs for kids’ bedrooms.

What advice would you give to people working in the creative industry?

Don’t be afraid to make mistakes!

Dan Marshall

Photographer: Dan Marshall



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